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05 Jun

What does your website say about your Bank?

In many institutions, website information is a static place to advertise your core banking services, interest rates, and act as a portal to online banking services.  The periodic process of ensuring these pages are both accurate and relevant becomes even more time-consuming as the number of pages increases.  This leads to the ultimate question, “What does your website say about your Bank?”  Recent technology advances have enabled a shift in internet usage from computers to mobile devices.  As you look at your Bank’s website, consider asking these questions in your next update:

  • How easily can the customer find out how to contact us? Do they need to scroll, click, or even search the site?  If they are going to contact you, can you ensure that the post is secure?
  • Where are our customers going (or where aren’t they going)? Analytics on page usage may help you determine which pages are relevant and which ones are not.  If you have pages you find that are no longer being used, determine if they serve a compliance need.  If not, why keep them?  Time to maintain and ensure they are up-to-date may not be helping your Bank.
  • Do we have spelling or grammar errors? More common than you think – spelling errors are on your website.  If seen by a customer, they may perceive the error as a careless action or question the authenticity of your site – neither of which you want.
  • What does our page look like on a mobile device? As the trend to access internet resources via smart devices continues, you’ll want to consider how easy your customer can get this information and how it will look to them.
  • Do you offer a search function? Does it work?  When consumers are in a rush to get what they need they don’t always have the time to click each menu to find out where the product information they need resides.  Make sure your search functions work and if possible, see what customers are searching for to determine if you need to redesign your workflow.
  • Do we offer assurance to cyber security? In this day and age, consumers are constantly worried about their personal information.  Are you providing your customer with information on how to protect themselves?

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