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Financial Outsourcing Solutions


Our Clients

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Our Clients

Financial Outsourcing Solutions has been dedicated to serving only banks and financial institutions for more than 15 years. FOS serves over 65 clients in the financial services industry. We service clients in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, although our willingness to travel and ability to work remotely allows us to continually expand our service reach.

Our client base includes publicly and non-publicly traded community banks, and trust companies. Our clients range from small de novo banks to those with several billion in assets. As a direct result of our focus solely on financial institutions, our work has become recognized and respected by regulators, external auditors, and third parties in the industry.

Whether your institution is considering a change or looking for first-time outside support, FOS has the knowledge to recommend best practices for your internal control structure and ensure your compliance with the myriad of banking regulations and laws.